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2931 Moray Ave
Courtenay, BC, V9N 7S7


Craft Distillery in the heart of the Comox Valley, producing Unruly Gin, Unruly Vodka, Drunken Hive Rum and the Wayward Order.

Char #3

Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin



375ml / 45% / $34.70

When a gin and bourbon love each other very much you end up with Wayward's - Char #3. This unlikely union between our honey-based Unruly Gin and the inside of a charred bourbon barrel captures the best from both worlds.

Six months in the barrel balances earthy citrus against aromatic toasted vanilla and finishes up this spirit with some long, lingering spice. This is an unexpected gin for the unrepentant bourbon lover!

Pair this Distiller's Favourite with your favourite sipping glass and just enjoy or, for added depth in your cocktails, mix it up in a classic Negroni, Corpse Reviver #2 or a pleasantly spicy Old Fashioned.


*Bourbon needs to be aged in new oak barrels, and those barrels need to be charred. While some distillers can get experimental and have tried to char their barrels for upwards of three minutes, char mainly hits four levels, ranging from 15 to 55 seconds burning the barrel. Each char level imparts a unique taste into the spirit, bringing in more flavor and a deeper color from the wood.

#3 char (35-second burn)

Level 3 char is the most common for American bourbons and whiskeys. As the spirits are aged in these higher-level chars, the alcohol develops a more earthy and spicy flavor. Char # 3 often has more of a natural wood taste and scent, while the longer chars introduce a deeper color, vanilla tones, and caramelization*